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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

The United States hydraulic hose whip restraints Supply channel

Hose Restraints | McMaster-Carr

Multiline Vibration-Damping Loop Clamps. Organize multiple lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit with one clamp. Wider than standard loop clamps, multiline loop clamps surround two lines of material to create a secure grip while holding the lines close to the mounting surface. A cushion covering the clamp reduces vibration and wear from clamp edges.

Whipcheck safety cable - Fuzhou Hengsheng Hardware Co.,Ltd.

Apr 30, 2015· Whipcheck safety cable. To prevent serious injury due to hose or coupling failure, add a Whip Check at each hose connection and from equipment to hose. Install in the fully extended position (no slack) for proper safety assurance. Material: Stainless steel, Steel. 1.


Highest Hose Rating Hose Type -4 ¼ 10,500 Hydraulic JK -5 5/16 5,000 Hydraulic 302 -6 3/8 10,000 Hydraulic JK 1 VAR -2013 064. LANLEngineering Standards Manual STD -342 100 Chapter 17, Thus, the Parker Hose Whip Restraint may be used to the maximum value as shown in HPD

Hose Safety Cables - Grainger Industrial Supply

Browse a selection of hose safety cables from Grainger. Safety cables prevent hose whip if couplings or clamp devices accidently separate. Use hose halters to reduce damage to equipment and injury to personnel when hoses accidently disconnect while under pressure. They are suitable for use on pneumatic, water and hydraulic hoses.

Standards and regulations for hose restraints

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American Iron Works-Hose Safety

American Iron Works is a leading supplier of high pressure hose and piping restraints. We design, test, and manufacture restraints capable of restraining hose and pipes from 100 PSI to 50,000 PSI. With over 65 years of experience, our team can assist you in finding the right product for your appliion. Read more >.

Products – American Iron Works-Hose Safety

Manufacturing: Whip Checks, Nylon Hose Chokers, Cable Hose Chokers, Whip Stops, Piping Hobbles, Red Iron Chokers, Red Iron Slings, Cable Choker Hose Restraint, Hose Pipe Hobble Clamps, Hose Hobbles, Safety Shackles, Oilfield Hose Pipe Restraints, 1502 Piping Restraints, Frac Iron Safety Restraints, Rotary Hose Clamps, Pipe Safety Clamps, Flow Back Pipe …

Safety - Flexible pressurized Hoses - Prevent Hose Whipping

Flexible pressurized Hoses prevent Hose whipping. If the hose diameter is greater than 1/2in it should have a safety device at the air supply, designed to reduce the pressure in the event of a hose failure. If such a device is not used, the two ends of the hose need to be lashed together to restrict whipping. pull back the spring and

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Houston, Texas, United States 500+ connections. Join to Connect Hose & Accessory Sales. Websites Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Hose, Fittings, Quick Connects & Hose Asselies. Pneumatic Quick

Chicago Coupling — Hose Cable Choker Restraints

Hose Cable chokers are designed for hose appliions where a pressure rating beyond the hose whip checks is required. These safety restraints can withstand several thousand pounds of pressure (dependent on cable and hose diameter). The unique design utilizes a nylon spool at each loop-end that allows the cable choker to cinch tighter around an

Hose Whip Restraint - Parker Hannifin

Hose Whip Restraint System limits the whipping of pressurized hose if the hose breaks free from its fitting. The Hose Whip Restraint is not to be used in place of proper hose crimping procedures as outlined in HPD alog 4400. Exceeding the maximum operating pressure of the hose jeopardizes the proper operation of the Hose Whip Restraint System.

Safety Cables, Whipchecks, Whiplock, Whip Sock Restraints

Whip Checks for hoses, also knowns as "Air hose safety cables" are an easy to use and low cost safety product to prevent injury if a hose disconnects under high pressure. Whip Checks can be attached hose to hose or hose to equipment. Whip Checks are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, additionally whip checks do not require any tools to install.

Chicago Coupling — Nylon Hose Safety Restraints

Nylon hose safety restraints will lock a hose in place in the event that a hose connection fails, preventing extremely dangerous hose whip and containing spills. Nylon hose safety restraints, or hose chokers, are a versatile alternative to spring-wire whip check cables that slip over the hose coupling, restraining the hose to the equipment or pipe. Nylon hose restraints install easily in …

Hose Safety Whip Checks - Capital Rubber Corp

Hose Safety Whip Checks are recommended in all pressurized hose appliions over 1/2 inch, in order to keep operators and job sites safe. To prevent serious injury due to hose or coupling failure, install a Whip Check at each hose connection and from equipment / air source to the hose.

Hose Safety Cables - Grainger, Canada

BUCHANAN. SAFETY CHECK CABLE, LARGE, 38-1/4 X 1/4 IN. Item # CLKWHIP-L. Mfr. Model # WHIP-L. This large safety check hose has a cable diameter of 1/4 inches and a hose inside diameter of 1-1/2 to 3 inches. It is 38-1/4 inch long with a maximum working pressure of 200 PSI. Safety cables are the industry''s prefe

Hose Whip Restraint | Parker NA

Print Product Overview. Description. Parkers Hose Whip Restraint system is designed to prevent whipping of a pressurized hose in the event of a hose separating from its fitting. The Hose Whip Restraint provides an additional level of safety and helps prevent damage to nearby equipment or injury to operators near the failed hose by limiting the whip or travel of the pressurized hose …

Preventative measures to take when dealing with hose whip

Dec 17, 2015· Using a hose whip restraint system prevents whipping of a pressurized hose in the event of a hose separation/failure. The systems usually have two parts: a hose collar and a cable assely. A collar is selected based on the outside diameter of the hose, while the cable assely is chosen based on the type of hose connection.

Whipcheck Safety Cables | Hose Safety | Intrico Products Ltd

Whipcheck safety cables have been used for many years on air compressor hoses to prevent hose ends from ''whipping'' if the coupling blows out of the hose. Whipcheck safety cables are available in 1/8" (3.2mm) and 1/4" (6.35mm) cable diameters and in two basic configurations - hose to hose and hose to tool. Hose to Hose are used at the joint

Pipe & Hose Whip Restraints - Hose Hobble Restraints

Custom Restraint System Configurations and Volume Discounts Available! We supply Clamps for Hose and Pipe in a 2 bolt and 4 bolt styles that range in sizes from 1/2" up to 48". We can also build custom sizes made to your specifiions. API Standards require a minimum breaking strength of 16,000 pounds for rotary hose safety clamps.

Whip Checks - Industrial and Hydraulic Hoses - Amazon Hose

Whip checks, also known as, safety cables, are used as hose restraints in a nuer of industries, including mining and many appliions that use industrial air hoses. Designed to prevent hose whip if the hose couplings or clamps separate, whip checks create a bridge between each side of a hose fitting to create an added layer of safety.

Chicago Coupling — Hose Safety Whip Check Products

Standard hose safety whip checks are rated for 200 PSI air service. use a nylon hose whip restraint or a hose cable choker for higher pressure appliions, and a hose whip stop system for the most severe or hazardous installations. Be safe, always use a hose whip restraint to greatly reduce the hazard of a hose or coupling failure.

WHIP CHECKS - Hydroblast

Hydroblast’s Hose Whip Restraint System is designed to prevent whipping of a pressurized hose in the event of the hose separating from its fitting WHIP CHECKS For use with: Water jetting Hoses Hydraulic Hoses Compressed Air Hoses 01677 424 542 [email protected] Restraining hoses. Safely.

HOSE WHIP RESTRAINTS (suitable for up to 40K) – …

We strongly recommend the use of a whip check hose restrainer in any water jetting operation. These are perhaps the simplest and least expensive safety measure to implement. A whip check can be attached at any point where two hoses are joined, to a pump''s fluid end at the discharge side, or where a hose attaches to a

Comoso - Product - Hose Whip Restraining System for

The Hose Whip Restraint System provides an additional level of safety and helps prevent damage to nearby equipment or injury to operators near the failed hose by limiting the whip or travel of the pressurized hose after it breaks free from its hose fitting. Serious damage or injury can occur from whipping hoses, especially at higher pressures.

High-Pressure Hose Connections - 30 CFR 56.13021, 57.13021

High-Pressure Hose Connections . 30 CFR 56.1 3 021, 57. 1 3021, 75.1730(e), and 77.412(d). 30 CFR §56/57.13021 High-pressure hose connections.. Except where automatic shutoff valves are used, safety chains or other suitable locking devices shall be used at connections to machines of high-pressure hose lines of ¾-inch inside diameter or larger, and between high-pressure hose …

Hose Safety Whip Restraints - Capital Rubber Corp

Hose safety whip check cables are designed for moderate pressure air service (under 200 PSI) on pneumatic powered tool lines. These cables should be installed with no slack, and come in hose-to-hose, and hose-to-tool end loop styles. A hose whip check cable is designed to fit a range of hose sizes. A 3/4-inch hose connected to a 1-inch hose can

Hose Assely Products & Solutions - Hydrasun

Whether it''s low pressure or high pressure, industrial or hydraulic, Hydrasun can supply and assele an extensive range of hose asselies complete with end connectors made from standard or exotic materials. Our range includes hydraulic hoses, bulk hoses, chemical hoses, utility hoses, metallic hoses and bespoke end connections.

Other Products from Gangline. Hose Hobble and Whip-Lash™.

Whip-Lash™ is manufactured for hose or iron with inside diameters from 1” to 6” based on operating pressures stated on its tag, which accompanies each restraint. The Trinity Whip-Lash™ is attractive to many operators because it satisfies the requirements for restraining hose connections established by both OSHA and WorkSafe BC, workplace safety organizations that …

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